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Beginning sounds-Posters & pocket chart photo cards with real life photos-Presentation

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This product contains 26 beginning letter sound word cards and posters for each letter of the alphabet. These posters and photo cards are great for introducing the letters of the alphabet and their corresponding sounds and for vocabulary development. For each letter of the alphabet, there are six words that begin with that letter/sound.

The words included in this product are:

Aa-apple, acorn, ant, angel, airplane, alligator

Bb-banana, boy, bird, boat, bear, bat

Cc-cat. cow, cake, camera, corn, candy

Dd-dog, drum, duck, dolphin, diamond, doughnut

Ee-elephant, eagle, envelope, ear, egg, eraser,

Ff-fork, frog, fan, fish, flower, feather

Gg-grapes, glasses, girl, glue, gorilla, guitar

Hh-hat, hot dog, horse, helicopter, honey, hamburger

Ii- ice cream, insect, ink, island, ice cubes

Jj-jump, jellyfish, jam, jar, juice, jacket

Kk-kiwi, koala, kangaroo, key, kettle, ketchup

Ll-lock, lemon, lion, ladybug, leaf, lamp

Mm-monkey, microscope, muffin, mouse, mittens, mushrooms

Nn-nest, nurse, nails, nose, net, necklace

Oo-octopus, onion, owl, orange, ostrich, olives

Pp-pear, penguin, pig, pie, pillow, pencil

Qq-quail, question, quilt, quiet, quarter, queen

Rr-ring, raccoon, rattle, ribbon, rose, robot

Ss-socks, sunflower, sandwich, snail, sled, spider

Tt-tiger, tent, train, tomato, tie, tulip

Uu-underwear, unlock, umbrella, under, unicycle, ukulele

Vv-vest, vase, violin, van, vegetables, veterinarian

Ww-watermelon, window, whistle, whale, wheelbarrow, windmill

Xx-xylophone, x mark, X-mas tree, Xerus,  Ximenia, X-ray

Yy-yam, yogurt, yoga, yolk, yak, yacht

Zz-zinnia, zucchini, zebra, zeppelin, zipper, zero

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