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This is a fun, interactive, and adapted book that can be used to help students learn to identify pictures of objects that begin with A. The students will match the corresponding picture after reading the sentence A is for ……. The pictures included in this book are an apple, an airplane, an alien, an astronaut, an alligator, an ant, an acorn, and angel.


1. Print the cover and pages 1-9 on cardstock

2. Cut along the solid lines you see on the cover and pages 1-8 ( the scissors clipart will indicate where you need to cut); Do not cut page 9 because this is your back cover.

3. Cut out and laminate the pieces on page 10-these are your movable pieces.

4. Laminate and comb bind the cover and pages 1-9

5. Attach a piece of hard Velcro in the middle of each of the rectangles that are on page 9

6. Attach a piece of soft Velcro on the back of each movable piece ( in the middle)

7. Attach a piece of hard Velcro in the middle of the rectangles that are on pages 1-8

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