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Number to number match file folder game 0-10/SNOWMEN THEME


Clipart created by Little bumble-bees class Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers. 0-10/

This  number-to-number file folder game can be used to help preschoolers and Special Education students level 1 to work on developing their number awareness skills.


-Cut out the front cover and the file folder insert tab and then glue them onto a manila file folder.

-Trim the pages 1& 2 and glue them into the manila folder.

-Cut out the game pieces ( pages 3&4) and laminate them(for durability print or glue them on cardstock and then laminate). After they are laminated cut them out and attach a piece of hard Velcro on the back of each matching piece.

-Laminate the whole file folder and attach soft Velcro on the matching pieces  that are on the inside pages