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Let’s make a dreamcatcher!

This activity and the clipart used for this activity are created by Little bumble-bees class Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers.

 This activity will help your children/students work on developing their fine motor and scissors skills. In this post, we presented three ways in which your students/children can complete this activity. We recommend that you choose the one that fits your children/students’ developmental needs and interests. The materials needed to complete this activity depend on how you intend your students/children to complete this activity. 

1. First, print the pages you want your children/students to use on white cardstock. Second, have the children cut out the pictures and assemble them. You can have them look at the models we suggested. On the clinging pieces (hearts, feathers, flowers), students can write messages. 

Materials needed: white cardstock, color printer, thread/twine, needle, scissors, writing tools.

2. First, print the pages that your children/students picked for completing this project. Second, laminate the printed pages, and have your children cut out the pieces. Help your children assemble the pieces.

Materials needed: You will also need a laminator and a hole puncher in addition to the materials listed before.

3. Use the templates you see at the end of this product to trace the shapes you want your children/students to use in their projects. Have the children glue them on colored cardstock and then cut them out. Help the children assemble the pieces. At the end of this product, you will find color and black and white feathers. If you do not have a color printer, have the children color the pieces they need to complete the project. The kids can use beads and thread to hang the dreamcatcher.

Materials needed: colored cardstock, printer, thread/twine, beads, needle, scissors, writing tools.

Have fun and happy crafting!

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