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ALPHABET file folder game/Capital letters to lowercase letters match

By completing this matching activity, students will work on identifying and naming the capital and lowercase letters of the alphabet. They will also work on developing their ability to match the uppercase letters of the alphabet to the lowercase letters. This activity is perfect for independent work as well as for ELA centers.


-Cut out the front cover and the file folder insert tab and then glue them onto a manila file folder.

-Glue pages 1& 2 inside the manila folder.

-Cut out the movable pieces ( pages 3&4) and laminate them (for durability, print or glue them on cardstock and then laminate). After they are laminated, cut them out and attach a piece of hard Velcro on each movable piece’s back (at the top).

-Laminate the whole file folder and attach soft Velcro at the top of the matching pieces on the inside pages.