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My little counting book-Easter theme

There are three leveled little Easter counting books in this product. The level 1 book will allow the students to trace the numbers 1-10, the number words, and count the corresponding sets of objects using one-to-one correspondence. Numbers are shown in number form, and domino dot patterns. The […]

Free Math worksheets fox theme 0-20

These worksheets and the clipart are created by Little bumble-bees class Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers.  These worksheets are designed for preschoolers, K, and Special Education students who work on comparing numbers 1-20 by using the <“, “>”, or “=”. The students will build math skills while counting, […]

Vegetables-picture to picture match

FILE FOLDER for Special Education and Early childhood This file folder game and Yes/No cards are designed to help preschoolers and Special Education level 1 students develop their grocery functional vocabulary and matching skills. This activity allows you to ask a variety of yes/no questions. For example: Is […]

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