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ALL ACTIVITIES ALPHABET Alphabet posters and tracing cards – Teachers make (teachers-make.com) C-Beginning sounds tracing and puzzles activity – Teachers make (teachers-make.com) A-Beginning sounds tracing and puzzles activity – Teachers make (teachers-make.com) B-Beginning sounds tracing and puzzles activity – Teachers make (teachers-make.com) Beginning sounds tracing activity mats/Write and […]

All about me

Activity for Early childhood, Pre-K, K, and Special Education This resource can help you learn about your students and to also create team-building experiences in your classroom.Print the pdf file provided at the end of this post, laminate it for repeated use, and use it with the whole […]

Classroom rules posters

We offer you a set of classroom rules posters. In addition to the pdf document of the posters created by us, we offer you a PowerPoint file that you can edit yourself. At the end of the PowerPoint presentation, we have included a slide with the frame used […]

Worksheets 0-10

Teach children to write the numbers zero through ten. This set of worksheets will help children properly form numbers, practice counting, and associate numbers with quantity.  Print the worksheets on stock paper and laminate for durability and repeated use.  Please check our blog daily for new teaching materials […]

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