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Spatial orientation worksheets for little ones/presentation

There is a collection of five spatial orientation worksheets in this packet. The worksheets are designed for little learners as well as exceptional learners. By completing these worksheets, in addition to working on developing their spatial orientation skills, they also are working on developing their fine motor skills. […]


In this packet, you will find 9 letter P  activity pages designed for preschool, kindergarten, and students with special needs. By completing the activities included in this jumbo activity book, students will work on letter recognition and developing their phonological awareness. The students will practice tracing different size […]

The brown bears-presentation

You can download your free worksheet here. The members of this blog can download the whole set of worksheets here. Science activity for little ones – Teachers make (teachers-make.com) Do you want to become a member now and download hundreds of worksheets? Click here. Register – Teachers make […]

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