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Number sense activities/Number 4

In this packet you will find 6 number sense black and white activities and a colored poster. These activities are interactive and allows students to master number 4 in a playful way. Included activities: -Numbers 4 cut and glue -Number 4 rainbow tracing -Number 4 tracing -Number 4 […]


Other alphabet activities here https://teachers-make.com/category/alphabet/  In this packet, you will find 9 letter C  activity pages designed for preschool, kindergarten, and students with special needs. By completing the activities included in this jumbo activity book, students will work on letter recognition and developing their phonological awareness. The students […]

Color words puzzles

Teach your child/students the color words and their meaning by using these fun, hands-on activities. The students will color, cut, and paste the puzzle strips, and learn to identify the color words, how to spell them, and what they describe. In addition, students will work on improving their […]

Color words practice pages

By completing these color words practice pages, your children/students will learn to read, write, and spell the color words. There are 22 practice pages in this packet, 2 pages for each color, one in which the color word is written with capital letters, and another in which the […]

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