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Math worksheets

Subtraction 0-20 This week, the activities we post on our blog are free. The theme is wild animals (the wolf), and all the worksheets are created using the original clipart created by Little Bumblebees class Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers. This activity is also created by Little Bumblebees class […]

Subtraction differentiated pictorial worksheets for Special Education and K+/0-10

Clipart Little bumble-bees class Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers By completing these worksheets, young learners will count to subtract butterflies and flowers. In this post, we offer you two differentiated subtraction worksheets that address the needs of learners of different skill levels.  Use these worksheets with students […]

Math worksheets 0-10/Number sense, number lines/FREE MATH ACTIVITY FOR SPECIAL EDUCATION AND K+

These worksheets and the clipart are created by Little bumble-bees class Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers. These worksheets are designed for preschoolers, K, and Special Education students who work on comparing numbers 1-10 by using the <“, “>”, or “=”. The students will build math skills while […]